Transforming DePIN with Decentralized

Computing Resources as a Service

OpClouds is created to leverage computing resources with decentralized CRaaS, offering GPU/VM rentals, cloud mining, and AI Train-to-Earn




DePIN, but better. A wide range of flexible services to adapt the fast-growing demand for computing resources.

Enhanced Scaling

Forget the complexity of managing infrastructure, and focus on building meaningful innovations.

Seamless Integration

Interoperable GPUs/VMs catering the demanding needs of modern computing tasks.


Providing an economical alternative to traditional cloud services, revenue shared as real-yield for $OPC stakers.



Computing Resources-as-a-Service (CRaaS)

The growing amount of chains and ecosystems opens the need for infrastructure renting projects. CRaaS is an innovative model providing on-demand access to computing assets (CPUs, GPUs, VMs,...), which aim to richen the infrastructure ecosystem in the crypto market, by providing instant solutions for flexible demands from individuals and enterprises.

OpClouds represents the first class of CRaaS projects in the crypto industry, allowing users to focus on innovation while leaving OpClouds handles the complicated technical backend.

OpClouds VMs and GPU Rental Service

OpClouds is a uniquely positioned platform tailored with Decentralized Infrastructure, Flexible Rentals, Real-Time Scalability & Cost Efficiency.

OpClouds ensures a robust and resilient framework for VMs/GPU rental, serving a wide range of services including Software Development and Testing, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Content Creation, and Cryptocurrency Mining.

OpClouds Cloud Mining

OpClouds aim to leverage DePIN and state-of-the-art computing resources to offer a groundbreaking cloud mining service, designed to democratize access to cryptocurrency mining.

By running diverse mining options, high-performance computing resources and using energy-efficient methods, OpClouds expect to increase the revenue & inflow of the whole ecosystem, thus benefiting projects, users and holders of OpClouds.

OpClouds AI Train-To-Earn

OpClouds are born with the mission of connecting AI Trainers (retail users) and AI-developing enterprises. Supporting those two parties to meet their own demand is participating in the AI revolution, while OpClouds can also further rewarding users for their contributions.




Infrastructure Configuring Phase

Setting up GPUs/VMs infrastructure
Testing Smart Contracts
Launching OpClouds Dapp Testnet
Code Reviewing and Auditing


Mainnet Launch & Growth Phase

Launching $OPC Token
- Launching GPUs/VMs Rental Mainnet
- Participate in NVIDIA Inception Program
- Participate in Google Cloud for Startups Cloud Program
- Launching Staking function for Revenue Sharing
- Launching OpClouds Mining
- Testing AI Train-to-Earn service
- Full formal audit with top auditing firms
- Launching AI Train-to-Earn Testnet
- Building community & Growth hacking


Scaling & Sustaining Phase

- Increasing miners setup
- Launching AI Train-to-Earn
- CEXs listing for $OPC tokens
- Scaling OpClouds GPUs/VMs further
- Increasing service sales to AI enterprises
- Referral mechanism for GPU renting & AI Train-to-Earn service
- Optimizing energy efficiency